Plant, Tree & Turf Nursery

A 40-acre farm at Shahapur, Thane district near Mumbai, India is has been transformed into a full-fledged plant, tree and sod nursery.It is like our magic warehouse from where all the raw materials for our landscaping, arboriculture and other services are provided constantly.That the nursery also hosts an adventure resort for families and enthusiasts is an added bonus.

A 40-acre farm at Shahapur, Thane district has been transformed into a full-fledged plant, tree and sod nursery.Our clients range from retail and wholesale nurseries, to builders, landscape companies and even walk-in customers.
Our trained horticultural staff has been growing plants from seed or through propagation techniques for years.The products available range from:
' Trees & Topiary
' Shrubs
' Perennials and Annuals
' Fruit Trees
' Indoor Plants
' Garden Supplies
' Instant Turf/Sod
' Fertilizers, pesticides and soil mixes.

Large Trees, Shrubs and Topiary -
Large Trees are grown on Acres of Farm Land that can be directly transferred to landscaping sites to give them a mature look from the beginning instead of waiting for the trees to grow and attain an acceptable size.
Our plant nursery is well stocked with all the latest varieties of shrubs of all sizes used in the landscaping industry.
Experienced gardeners create varied Topiaries of different varieties of plants.
Sod - Carpet Grass of highest quality is available throughout the year for government, residential, and commercial landscaping projects. A sod cutter is used to cut the lawn into slabs, and then it is transported to the required location.
Recently we have started supplying special golf course turf, which can be used on tees, fairways and greens.
Exotic Indoor Plants - We have a large collection of exotic tropical indoor plants that are always available in our Green Houses for retail and wholesale purposes. These plants can be leased out through our plant rental division.

Soil Mixes - We have formulated our own unique outdoor and indoor soil mixes used to ensure the best quality plants that are available for purchase.
We also supply red soil, sand of all types and sterilized coco peat by the brass to any location in India.
Transport - Pushpam owns a large fleet of vehicles and offers transport for:
' Landscape Materials.
' Ready Sod slabs.
' Red Soil, Sand and Coco Peat
' Specimen Trees and Shrubs.
Pushpam's nursery grows instant turf on fumigated sandy loam soils producing weed free and well-drained turf where instant greenery is required.
We make a point to select the correct instant grass species and varieties for the site as some are harder wearing and more shade tolerant. We apply our expertise and experience with highest quality resources prior and later to the installation of the turf.
The turf is cut into slabs by a sod cutter, which ensures uniformity and quality. After careful installation, we make sure that the turf is settled in the least amount of time.
Pushpam also supplies species and varieties of turf that can be used for golf course greens, fairways and tees.