Plant Rentals/Interior Scaping

There may be times when you might get bored of your houseplants or want to alter the d'cor of your office complex. Or even redo or celebrate a particular week or month. A huge repertoire of decorative plants and shrubs and mosses from the traditional to the exotic helps us rent out the potted plants and vases of different kinds to our customers on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Plants can improve air quality around the office/residence and brighten things up, creating a friendly and relaxed environment.
Pushpam's Plant Rental division takes up AMCs for servicing ornamental plants all over Mumbai region. After more than 25 years in business, renting plants is truly our specialty.

Styles of indoor Plants for Hire
Whatever your office conditions - hot or cold, light or dark - we'll ensure you get the right indoor plants and the right planters and we guarantee they'll stay in perfect condition. Our range of office plants for hire in Mumbai includes floor plants, desk plants, rectangular boxes, and patio planters.

Design/Quotation for office plant hire in Mumbai
Pushpam has proven experience in the Indoor Plant Rental industry since 1986.
If needed, we can offer advice on the types of office plants suitable for a particular internal space, including advice on container/planter types available, pebbles and stones to cover the soil and suggested position of plants.
We can offer advice on which indoor plants to hire, which are best suited to remove particular indoor airborne toxins from office air etc.
We can provide a fully detailed proposal for your office plant hire requirements, in all areas of Mumbai.

Your office plants and planters will be installed and maintained by skilled technicians, identified by company uniforms and identity cards.
As part of our AMC, we will:
' Water and fertilize plants 1-2 times in a week.
' Dust, clean and prune plants as required.
' Inspect for pest and disease attacks on the plants. Any treatment for pests if required is carried out using people friendly, non-toxic, sprays.
' Replace office plants on a timely basis.