Golf Course and Sports Ground Services

Curating a golf course is not merely a craft.It is an art that needs to include physics.From golf courses to sports grounds, it requires understanding of sports nuances and constant maintenance of grounds to particular specifications. We do possess the expertise and execution.

Site Staking and Selective Clearing
' Earthworks and grading
' Artistic Shaping
' Excavation and Lake lining
' Specific Soil Preparation according to the USGA standards
' Soil Conditioning
' Water Supply solutions: pumping stations, sewage treatment, rainwater harvesting, reservoirs, etc.
' Irrigation and drainage works
' Overall Grassing Techniques: traditional Seedings, springing, pre-cultivated sod, etc
' Nutrition, fertilization and pest control treatments
' Landscaping of the golf course with threes, shrubs, annuals and perennials.
' Hardscaping works that include cart paths, roadways, parking areas and bridges.

Pushpam is highly experienced in providing best value solutions for sports field maintenance and construction works at both a local and a national level.Projects are regularly executed for local sports clubs, government authorities and residential and commercial sport grounds.
With a large selection of high tech machinery, we provide sports turf maintenance and sports ground construction services for football fields, cricket pitches, race courses, play grounds, etc.

Regular and seasonal sports pitch maintenance includes:
' Preliminary works, earthworks and grading.
' Drainage system installation
' Manual and Automation Irrigation system installation
' Setting up wells, pumping stations, reservoirs, rain harvesting systems
' Installation of signs and Lightings
' Aeration
' Top dressing.
' Turf Installation